Prairie Churches is the 2012 publication of Preservation North Dakota in celebration of its decade long Prairie Churches project.

Praise for Prairie Churches

"Dramatic strokes upon the prairie landscape, the churches of the first settlers continue paying tribute to their founders' heritage, their faith, their God. Although many of these country edifices have disappeared, the survivors still honor the convictions of the pioneers.

This volume singles out and salutes those houses of worship - powerful monuments to the individual homesteaders and immigrants who determined that a spiritual life was an elementary part of their precarious existence. The enduring survival of these structures is a reminder of the central role that religious belief has played in both the private and the community life of the American countryside."

-- Kevin Carvell, noted critic, collector, and connoisseur of North Dakota books.


"Faith and hope brought my German ancestors here from Russia. They helped build churches at St. Anthony, Flasher and Fallon almost before they built their own modest homes.

 Prairie Churches guides us through some of our region's churches.  It renews our admiration for the faith of our ancestors and reinforces the connection between faith and farming."

-- Al Gustin, broadcast journalist and rancher.