Creating an Affiliate

The Local Affiliate Program was established to help people save places that matter in their communities. Through the program, PND coordinators and community members create a local historic preservation organization, hold their first official meeting, and complete state and federal paperwork to become an official nonprofit entity. This paperwork includes, but is not limited to:

IRS Form SS-4 - Application for Employer Identification Number

ND Nonprofit Corporation Articles of Incorporation*

ND Charitable Organization Registration Statement*

PND Affiliate Bylaws

PND Affiliate Agreement

PND Policy Statement

PND Activity Resolution (Fundraising)

PND Activity Resolution (Donor Advised Funds)

*Papers filed with the Secretary of State's office carry standard fees determined by that office.


Annual membership in the Local Affiliate Program is determined by the size of the Affiliate's board of directors - $10 per director, per year or $50 per organization, per year, whichever is less. Memberships are renewed each year in February.

Organizational membership benefits include:

501(c)(3) status as part of PND's IRS Group Exemption

Fundraising, marketing, grant writing, and technical advice and assistance

Preservation advocacy at the local, state, and national levels

Individual membership benefits for Affiliate directors include:

Prairie Places, PND's quarterly membership newsletter

PrairiePlaces Listserv, an email listserv for news and announcements

Discounts on workshops, annual conference, and other events



Creating an affiliate is a long-term commitment made by both PND and local community members. Many Affiliates have taken on preservation, restoration, or rehabilitation projects in their local communities, where they have raised thousands of dollars in cash donations, grant funding, and in-kind donations. Affiliates are encouraged to apply for funding through the Grassroots Grant Fund at PND, and to participate in the annual North Dakota Historic Preservation Conference.

PND has strong partnerships with other state and national entities, from which members of the Local Affiliate Program also benefit. PND is a statewide partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a member of the North Dakota Association of Nonprofit Organizations, and works closely with the State Historical Society of North Dakota.